The conversational abilities of our family of Site Chatter Chat Bots is so good that visitors often think that there is a real person answering the questions. Our Mia Chat Bot has received more than 6 proposals of marriage from amorous visitors. We now have 4 standard characters and two custom designed chat bots on several websites actually teaching people about Feng Shui. We are increasing the Bot's Feng Shui knowledge base every month and the response time that the Bot takes to search the knowledge base is very small. One of our newest custom Chat Bots has just been awarded a $25,000 University grant to develop the capability to teach college students about geography.

Victor Bates CEO
Jade Market Hong Kong

Our business has so many tentacles, with parties and events, and condo hotel sales, resort reservations, boating regattas, etc... that sometimes the websites can be confusing and a little overwhelming.
With Cyber Bob's site chatters, people can easily ask questions and get answers, ON DEMAND.  Giving immediate answers to questions instead of replying by email, gives visitors instant gratification and instant results.  We LOVE it!!!

Barbie Kensington

CEO Bella vita Boat Club


Site Chatters have been the ultimate solution for my not-for-profit website : with a human-like voice quality they can define terms, help visitors navigate my website, and text-ballooning makes their replies fully understandable also for non-native English speakers

Dr. Daniele Focosi

"With many people searching the internet in the evening when our telephones are un manned using sitechatters seemed the most logical solution for our company. The "bot" is so simple to use and program and can resolve many questions that our potential customers may have. Sitechatters has enabled us to become a truly 24/7 website giving the customer the information that they require before they purchase. One of the best functions that the "bot" has is its ability to learn by logging question asked. Quite simply, one of the best purchases I have ever made for my company."

David McClelland - Company Director - UKRooflights.


The wonderful thing about bots is that they are the nearest thing you will come to a human built into a computer.  My clients enjoy asking Marie questions, some about my products and some about general knowledge.  Either way Marie can converse with ease and people find her fun.  I'm not much good with computers but Marie was easy to set up.  After a few people had spoken with her it was easy to get a feel of what people want to know from an infobot and it can be programmed accordingly.   She definitely isn't a toy, but a wonderful piece of technology that helps promote my business."

Lynne Jury


I am using the bot in my mathematics online course. So far, it has really been a wonderful addition - the students love the fact that the bot remembers their name, and that they can find information about the course and exams and review and definitions of terms...I had to put in a response for the young male students who found the bot a bit risqué' and now she doesn't answer with the typical response about a headache - I really think that this fall it is going to be an eye catcher - she can do the orientation for the class, tell the students about my background, and the fact that I can look at the log to check on questions they have asked, this enables me to put in information they really need. The students who are just graduating from High School have grown up in a video world, and they really relate to this. Bob - I think this is really going to have a great potential.

Marilyn Platt, BA, MA, Dev. Specialist
Chair of Developmental Education, Mathematics Instructor
Gaston College